Monday, January 18, 2010

Thomasville, Georgia Weekend

This weekend, I drove up to Thomasville, Georgia for the Christening of my little friend Avery. While talking on the phone, I missed the turnoff for the turnpike and spent an extra hour trying to get back to it. Thank goodness once again for my OnStar. I feel like they are my friends, they talk to me through my car and guide me where I need to go-turn by turn, all for $30 a month!

Friday night, I arrived just before dinner was being served at Ashley and Campbell's beautiful home. Every time I go there, I end up walking around absorbing all her stunningly decorated rooms. This one is my favorite, so warm and comfortable..

She also has an amazing library that I could sit in for hours..

Saturday morning, it was raining but we made it into town for some shopping and lunch. For a small town, they have some unbelivable stores.

My favorite there is an adorable shop called Firefly. It is filled with special gift items, antique furniture, jewelry and unique things perched everywhere.

I bought these feather trees. Check out their website

It was chilly out and Avery was bundled up..

We went to Campbell's Gallery and I found a painting that I had to is now mine and I am so excited to hang it over my couch!

For dinner, we ventured to Liam's, a small restaurant in town.
The menu was so amazing..we started with a cheese sampling with coordinating wine and then ate delicious entrees and too many desserts.

Sunday morning, we walked next door to church in the drizzling rain. Avery looked so cute in his Christening gown.

After the ceremony, the Priest carried him up and down the aisle while speaking about the significance of becoming baptized.. Avery just looked around and didn't make a sound! He was so good.

We went to lunch afterwards and it was quite a celebration.

A bonus of the weekend was I got to hang out with my 2nd favorite dog (after Millie of course) Marley. She was my roommate for the weekend, so darn cute.

Sunday night we all watched the Golden of my favorite award shows. It was great to see Drew Barrymore, Sandra Bullock and Juliana Marguilies win!


capperson said...

I love Thomasville. I live an hour from there and go to church in Thomasvlle. My mom grew up there and all of my family is from there. I spend much of my time there. Love it!

JMW said...

Just came across your blog - it's great! Looking forward to future posts.