Monday, February 22, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Friday was my birthday and it was such a great day...I woke up late-impossible to do in my building..worked on my website-entering products right now..then went to Town in South Miami to meet some friends for lunch.

My very sweet friend Camille made extra large red velvet cake balls for everyone. It was the first time I had tried one and they were delicious!

In the afternoon, I got my hair cut-and I mean CUT..the girl who did it was French and I couldn't understand her very well-not great when they are holding sharp scissors. I said to keep it long and put some layers in it. She put many, many layers and then after she blew it out she took the scissors and cut choppy layers in the front right to my chin! I have just grown out "mistake bangs" for 2 years and now have choppy layers that don't quite make the ponytail-unbelievable. Anyway, I do like it but was completely unprepared for the I have a new hairdo.

I made plans to go the the W Hotel on South Beach Friday night. Amy, Ashley and I got there and got an amazing huge couch to park ourselves and we had the best time.

So someone once told me if you don't want red eyes (something that always happens to me), don't look right at the camera. That is great..but now I have brown eyes and I look like I am not paying attention!

Joey, me and Brian..

Me and the girls..

I got a little crazy with my blackberry camera...I thought it was really fun at the time and the pics usually come out pretty good!!!

with BFF Amy

with BFF Ricky

with BFF Joey

with BFF Ashley

and with BFF Bride-to-Be Cynthia

Saturday, I headed to the beach for my little friend Jordan's 3rd Birthday party. It was the most beautiful day and everyone had so much fun.

What a fun weekend, hanging out with great friends and enjoying the unbelievable Miami weather.


Suburban Princess said...

Happy belated birthday! It looks like you had a great weekend! You have amazing friends from the looks of things!

CDS said...

what a fun weekend you had!! yay!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you celebrated in style!