Friday, February 5, 2010

College Reunion Lunch

Yesterday, we had a mini-college reunion lunch. Our dear friend Amy, in town for the Superbowl,Denie,bride-to-be Cynthia and I had the best time reminiscing of our college days in Gainesville, Florida. I brought some photo albums just for fun and it wa hilarious to look back at ourselves 15 years ago and see what our hair was like, what we were wearing, etc...

Me and Amy..please look at the big bow in my hair and of course pearls that didn't come off for about the entire 4 years in school.

Amy, Denie and myself getting ready to go out one night. Please note the aqua cup..this cup is still in excellent condition and in my kitchen today..there is a hot pink matching sister cup.

Our little group, once again ready to hit the town. We tried to replicate this photo years later in Atlanta, but it just wasn't the same.

Yesterday at Coral Reef. It was so great to see our old friend..had the best time! xo


QueenBeeSwain said...

I love it all, is there anything better than getting together with old college bests?!



tata said...

Great pictures! Funny, I had that dress from Talbots. I bet I still have it in Mimi's attic. Wow! XO.

Christina_S said...

Love the pictures! nice to see that you all look great, if not better now than in HS.