Monday, March 1, 2010

Bubble Q

All week long I was talking about the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, a weekend chock full of Celebrity Chefs, tasting events and the ever famous Bubble Q. I have heard about this event from so many people but the tickets were $350 a piece! Unbelievably, Friday afternoon, I got the call and a last minute invite to eat delicious bar-b-que and drink champagne on south beach. I was so excited.

An enormous tent was erected behind The Delano Hotel right on the beach and once we handed in our magic ticket (so annoyed that I couldn't keep it to put in my scrapbook that I am 3 years behind on...

we were given a champagne glass. The security was crazy and we made our way through and finally ended up in the tent.

It was packed! Lining the sides of the tent were the food vendors, each with signs of which restaurant they were and smaller signs listing what they had to offer.

So, many braised shortribs, pork and steak sandwiches later, it turned into a huge cocktail party. We ran into a bunch of friends

and spent a good 45 minutes staring at this amazing girl hanging upside down by her ankles pouring champagne! She just kept turning and pouring, finishing bottles and climbing back up to her base and unhooking another bottle and so on. I could not stop staring at her, it was super cool.

One cute couple caught my eye. The man first, a younger Hugh Grant look-a-like wearing the most awesome Lilly Pulitzer pants and then his wife in a beautiful tunic. They won my Best Dressed Award for the night.

The icing on the cake, right when we were leaving, we got to see Emeril in person, handing out samples of his delicious steak...yum

So a great night and I am sending a HUGE thank you to my sweet friend Amy for the ticket. I will be your date any time!!! xo


Deb said...

Lucky you!! Looks like you had a fantastic time. Thanks for sharing.

QueenBeeSwain said...

this is amazing and you are a lucky duck to go and then so sweet to let us be part of it too! I hope that there's a fabulous thank you prezzie in the mail for your bud for letting you be her date :)



Pink Champagne said...

Fabulous! All that champagne would have been right up my alley. ;)

Preppy 101 said...

What a divine evening! Yes, the girl serving the champagne would've caught my attention, too! And her outfit was so, well, I'm not sure what to say about it. Olympic Luge?? xoxo