Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Deering Estate Seafood Festival

This past Sunday, I had a little white tent in the artist village at an enormous seafood festival held on the grounds of the beautiful Deering Estate in Miami. This festival gets more and more traffic each year..the beautiful grounds that normally look like this..

Turn into this..

and this..

When I showed up, it was super windy and I had to tie my tablecloth to the table

which worked for about 15 minutes until I turned around and felt a huge gust of tablecloth then looked like this after I had just layed out all of my necklaces..

I found white paper lanterns that I was going to hang with big pink bows on them, but worried they seriously would be bouncing all over the place in the they stayed in their packages. All in all, it was a very fun day..after I was set up, I just watched the 8,000 people roll in. Denie and Reese were my first visitors. They hung out in my tent, followed by Camille and her two adorable little helpers

I sold so many little gold pendants, it was great. Almost every other person that walked by stopped to look and touch this necklace, one of my nicest pieces. It didn't sell unfortunately, but I wiped it down with my anti-bacterial cloths after the had festival germs on it. Now it is sparkly and new again.

Helen, Finola and her kids came and stayed with me until the end. It was great to have the company..and someone to do seafood runs for me. I had a great time and am sending a big thank you to Lynn French who helped me secure quite possibly the best tent placement..right across from the wine and frozen drinks..not to mention good people watching angles!

p.s. Sending best wishes to Hopsy today..she is at her first show with Chixie, her new preppy accessory line. I am sure she will do fantastically!


Trish said...

How fun, sounds like you had amazing placement and a huge crowd! So glad the show was a success for you! I only wish I could have been there! Did you get to hang your pretty lanterns? Loving the big new necklace!!

CDS said...

the necklace that everyone touched is just like the one you made me...whcih i wear a lot...and people love. Such a talented girl you are! I'm glad the festival went well...I was scared it would rain on you. I don't really do seafood---if not I would have come by. xo

A Wedding Story said...

Looks amazingly fun!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous necklace!!! Wish I lived closer to attend these fabulous events!