Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jewel Quest

Tonight, I am having a trunk show in Miami Shores with Brooke and her children's clothing sample sale. I spent the weekend getting ready and now I am so tired from cleaning my apartment, making jewelry and TO BE HONEST, playing Jewel Quest that I forgot to write my blog post last night. Holy cow..this stupid game on my computer is killing me. I did the free trial on AOL and then actually bought the game and have been playing for almost 2 years. I blew through the first bunch of levels and then it took a little while to get further, then each level took several weeks to figure out. I bought the game because I was living during the week by myself in Newport and honestly, needed something besides beads and babysitting to keep my brain busy. By the end of the summer, I was a complete Jewel Quest master with sore fingers to prove it.

Fast forward to the present day...I have been stuck on a bonus round of stupid Jewel Quest since August. I try about 10 times a day to complete it and never have been able to. I should just delete the game off my compter since I have WASTED so much time on it, but I am stubborn and am determined to get to the next level.

Two months ago, my clickers on my laptop stopped working, so I had to plug a mouse in and then use the arm of my couch as a mousepad. This slowed me down a but, so I am hoping when I get my new computer and transfer the game over, I will be all set.

I am coming clean on my blog because I feel like I have been living with a deep, dark secret..addicted to Jewel Quest..please tell me I am not the only one who is??? There..my secret is out..please don't judge too harshly! This is the reason I have stayed away from Farmville on Facebook..I would be addicted to my farm and would really never get anything done.

p.s. I can hear Tara and Shannon and all my Newport roommates now saying that this is why my website is not finished..well girls..partly so!


Her Preppiness said...

I love it too.

CDS said...

too funny!! btw- i tagged you on a fun thing from social climbers. xoxo

khh1138 said...

I play it on my phone! Walking to my car, waiting in line, it's great. Maybe I shouldn't tell an addict you can get it on your phone. I have a Nexus One, though, I'm not sure about other phones...