Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Favs

Not to belabor the Oscar mania..but felt the need to share my best dressed pics:

Holy cow..Demi Moore looks unbelievable. Her dress is amazing and I swear she doesn't age. She has come a long way from the biker shorts dress in the 80's.

Wow..Mariska Hargitay is perfect here..LOVE her dress.

And Sandra..not a huge fan of this dress.but a HUGE fan of her. She looked so beautiful and her acceptance speech made me a teary. I am so happy she won. **I am amending this because her gown has grown on me and I do like the vintage beading.

Jessica Simpson looking amazing.

Cameron Diaz in a stunning Oscar de la Renta gown.

Very interesting to see the Brat Packers out for a John Huges cute is Matthew Broderick?

The show this year seemed super long! I think the trick is if you can stand the delay in starting, wait about 45 minutes and then skip the commercials and boring categories with the DVR remote. I went over to my friends' house and watched with her whole family- a huge deal not to perform my yearly Oscar ritual sitting on my couch alone making jewelry so no one will bug me with annoying comments or worse-talking through the show. I survived-just kidding was super fun! xo

My crazy weekend recap will follow..I took too many pictures and have to sort through and..I am exhausted!

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the show too--I didn't DVR it- we watched it in real time & it did seem long. A few acceptance speeches seemed RUDE (Best Costume comes to mind). I L-O-V-E-D Mariska's gown. She is always so stunning!!