Friday, April 30, 2010

The Next It Girl?

Where is Rose Kennedy Schlossberg? By all accounts, she should be everywhere by now. I have been waiting for it to happen and am now thinking that her parents have paid off the paparazzi to leave her alone. She is young, beautiful, a Harvard student, a Kennedy and Jackie O's would think the photographers would be following her all around and we would be sick of her already. Unbelievably, if you look online, there are only a scarce amount of pictures of her out there.

At her christening.

Rose and her sister with Grand Jackie before her death.

Then except for background shots taken during the craziness of her famous Uncle's disappearance and later funeral..she kept seriously under wraps.

At Arlington Cemetary for the 40th Anniversary of JFK's death.

This is the one of the prettiest pictures of her..2003 (she looks like Katie Holmes here)

Rose and her Mom at Harvard for a ceremony honoring Senator Ted Kennedy. (2008)

With her Mom and sister at the Democratic National Convention 2008

Rose and fellow Harvard student, Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger. (2009)

Rose and her family greeting mourners of Senator Ted Kennedy at
the Kennedy Library in Boston.

Leaving Ted Kennedy's funeral

Vacationing on St. Barth Christmas 2009

The only time she has really been written about in the press was when a photo of her with some questionable paraphanelia was posted on a friend's Facebook page. It was reported and then re-reported that it was a hookah pipe and nothing more

..she also got some press during her uncle's funeral last year when she ceremoniously shot a bird at a reporter.

..and blowing smoke circles in a friend's dorm room.

Maybe she is just going to stay under the radar. She is graduating this year so things might change. Or..maybe it will be the middle child Tatiana that will be the real star.....

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Make a Wish at Phillipe

Last night Amy and I went to a cocktail party at Phillipe in the Gansevoort Hotel to benefit Make A Wish. Our good friend Jamie and his brother Robby were the hosts and there was barely room to walk around when we got there..and we weren't even late! So many fun people and even a tennis celebrity with the initials VW showed up. We talked to her but did not snap any pictures..I chickened out...

Jamie and Robby Elias

Asha, me and my sweet friend Joey

Lori, Ricky, me and Amy..Ricky is always the life of the party!

We had so much fun. What an amazing organization to support. As a huge sponsor at work, we get tons of thank you letters from Make A Wish children who have gone on cruises with their families. It is the sweetest mail to get, such happy stories and pictures. Check out their website

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

She's A Show Stealer

In sixth grade at St. Thomas Episcopal School, we spent a good part of the year rehearsing for our big school play. It changed each year and our wonderful Mrs. Gilmore had written ours, a delightful story called "The Greening of Cherry Grove." My brother who was three years ahead of me had a tiny part in the same play his year and I got the fun role of Leila..along with a lengthy monologue that gave me jitters like I have never known. It really didn't matter because the shining star of our show was our very talented friend Katie Finneran and the show most certainly belonged to her.
Me and Katie

Fast forward to college..we all took a trip to the local movie theater to see our dear friend Katie starring in the remake of "Night of the Living Dead". We were so proud!

In our 20's, Katie went straight to New York and hit the theater running. On various girls trips to NYC, I had a chance to see her in lots of different plays and even as Sally Bowles in Cabaret. She has had TV and movie parts in Sex in the City, Wonderfalls and Frasier and was even Maureen the lesbian nanny in You've Got Mail!

Katie in Iceman Cometh starring Kevin Spacey (1999)

One big role in 2001 on Broadway, "Noises Off" earned her a coveted Tony Award and all the accolades that go along with that amazing honor.

Katie in Beyond Therapy (2008)

Katie in Hedda Gabbler (2009)

She has played so many parts in movies that I never know where she might turn up. In January, while visiting my friend Laura, her kids were watching a cute movie "Firehouse Dog"..sure enough Katie pops onto the screen playing a reporter..the movie was adorable.

She has kept super busy since then and now is stealing the show in a new revival of Promises, Promises by Neil Simon in the Broadway Theater. The stars of the show are Kristin Chenowith and Sean Hayes and Katie is getting rave reviews for her hilarious turn as Marge MacDougall in this funny show based on the screenplay "The Apartment".

If you live in NYC or happen to be planning a visit soon, check this show won't be disappointed.

Katie and Sean Hayes at the opening night party at The Plaza Hotel.

To read Katie's review in the New York Times, click here

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mother's Day and Teacher Gifts

It's that time of year when the shows start up for Mother's Day and Teacher Gifts. I have one this Thursday at a school and a big one next Tuesday at Camille's house and then one more on the 11th of I have been busy making jewels. Here are some of my favorite offerings:

Earrings starting at $22

Amazing Hen & Barley Press Initial Notesheet set $22

Monogrammed Desk Calendar from Dabney Lee..unbelievable at $25

Adorable floating Swarovski Crystal necklaces $35

Favorite Dabney Lee Super Notepads for $45

New leaf earrings $45

Swarovski Crystal Disk Bracelets for $50

Chunky Freshwater Pearls on gold-filled chain $85

White or grey shell pearls strung with a pave crystal clasp $95

Triple strand pearl starfish necklace $125 really fabulous double strand pearl and crystal necklace $165

Email me if you have any questions or if you are local and want to attend one of my upcoming shows. Good luck shopping!!!! xo

Monday, April 26, 2010

Dinner in the Sky

Every six to eight weeks I get a coveted email or text from my fabulous friends Hoby and Christina inviting me to one of their dinner parties. They both love food, champagne and entertaining. They recently left a sweet little house right on the water in Miami Beach for a penthouse apartment right downtown. The enormous loft apartment comes with two extremely large terraces overlooking the city.

There is a rotunda on the top of the apartment that is like a two story cylinder made of bricks..they set up dinner in there. You have to climb up a scary ladder to get there, so serving an entire meal was quite a feat.

They served drinks in Hoby's fancy silver monogrammed these.

My favorite dessert..chocolate chip cookie cups with vanilla ice cream. It was delicious.

The next morning, I ventured to Fairchild Tropical Garden to see Christina do her cooking demonstration in the children's area. It was so cute. She is starting a new business and has become "Tina the Dining Diva".

She did a great can check out Christina's blog here.

Next up..Polo on South Beach. It was really amazing. The people watching was super fun and the horses right on the beach were unbelievable.

We ended the afternoon with a late lunch at Smith & Wollensky right on the water watching the cruise ships go by. What a fantastic place. Busy but fun weekend!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Girl Crush on Gwyneth

I am stalking my mailbox for my new Bazaar with Gwyneth on the cover. She looks beautiful in the pictures, as always. I find myself always scoping out pictures of her..she really is my favorite movie star.

The subscriber cover

The regular cover

I guess the first time I saw her was as Wendy in Hook, although she had such a tiny part, I don't really remember her..

Then as the slacker student Paula in Malice..things didn't go so well for her character..

I knew she started dating Brad Pitt, but at the time, he was such a big star, she was kind of pretty arm candy..

I decided that I really liked her in Emma, one of my all-time favorite movies...

But then loved her in Shakespeare in Love..

These are some of my all-time favorite pictures of her:

Glowing on Oprah after having Apple.

So, I am a little obsessed. I know there are a lot of haters out there..please don't email me and tell me how much you don't like her. I just won't read them! xo