Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fun Weekend

I got my fake Dell battery and power plug today from Ebay. Let's hope they don't overheat and burn my apartment down..just kidding I think. Saturday, Meg got into town. I haven't seen her since Halloween so I couldn't wait to hang out and see Brett and little Ashley, who I hear in the background on the phone every day. She has gotten so big and is super cute.

She was the guest of honor at a little party that night, it was so much fun. When she finally sat down to eat, I think she was a little overwhelmed...please notice her fancy gold bangles

How cute is this cake? It was key lime..yum

I had to laugh when I showed up because Meg and I were both wearing white jeans and black 3/4 length sleeve tunics..total twins

On Easter, I went to brunch with friends and relaxed. My stint at the pool to get a bridesmaids tan didn't last very long, it was so hot! I only lasted 30 minutes...feeling like a total amateur. Monday, I took the day off to go shopping with Meg. We hit a few stores in the morning with Ashley and then met friends for lunch at Merrick Park. It was great to see everyone and Ashley was as cute as ever.


Trish said...

Looks like a beautiful weekend! That is one seriously gorgeous baby girl. You look terrific! XXO

CDS said...

that cake looks amazing! where was it born?