Friday, April 16, 2010

Karaoke Party in the Tropics

Last night we had an amazing party to kick off Cynthia & Matt's wedding weekend. The party was at our friend Denie's Mom's house, where we have had dozens of parties over the years. Denie's Mom spent weeks getting ready and the set up was unbelievable. The main dining table was full of beautiful platters of food with bunches of shells and starfish lit with votive candles..

The people started coming around 7:15 and pretty soon, the courtyard was full of friends, some even straight from the airport

The karaoke man was set up from the start but just was a DJ until things started..

In between cocktails, yummy snacks and a delicious dinner, the bride led the group in taking turns with the microphone..some better than others. I really think they should shorten karaoke to 60% of the full songs, it usually is too long!!!

The party was supposed to end at 10:30 but we pushed it until after 11 and then the cops showed up! Denie's parents smoothed things over for a few minutes but they shut the party down. I guess the neighbors weren't too fond of the serenading they got from our party.

All in all, our fun party was a fantastic way to kick off Cynthia and Matt's wedding weekend. More to come soon.