Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Desk at Work

I keep seeing people's desks being featured on blogs and in magazines. This has always made me laugh because if you could see my workspace at home where I make jewelry, it looks like a disaster, but it is more like organized chaos. My Mom has tried to buy me small containers to put beads in to stay on top of everything, but when I am really making a lot of stuff, I need it all out so I can see what I have. I posted a picture a long time ago of my actual work board that sits on my is a little scary, so I won't re-post.

My desk at work is another story. Since I spend so much time here at my part-time job, I have tried to make my desk a little more viewer acceptable. This is what it looks like today.

I have pink streamers left over from my February birthday that I love, so haven't taken down, a Texas Adopt a Beach calendar that is so cute and is all about recycling, a postcard of Jack and Jackie coming out of St. Mary's Church in Newport that I sent Helen my first summer there and a picture of our favorite intern Qui Qui, who left her bikini picture on my wall so I won't forget her. I love how these things just accumulate, it always looks better than when you try to fill memory or bulletin boards all at once.

My website update: After hearing some great advice from my wise sage Katherine at Flat of the Hill, I am going to stop trying to add everything I have to sell before I launch my might never happen. I am going to be adding jewelry this next week and finish up everything I have so far and then open for business. Once I have all the kinks worked out, I will do a big stay tuned.

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CDS said...

OH that is such a cute space. I really need to work on my office at work. I love it...but since I am writing programs right now...its a huge hot mess!