Friday, April 30, 2010

The Next It Girl?

Where is Rose Kennedy Schlossberg? By all accounts, she should be everywhere by now. I have been waiting for it to happen and am now thinking that her parents have paid off the paparazzi to leave her alone. She is young, beautiful, a Harvard student, a Kennedy and Jackie O's would think the photographers would be following her all around and we would be sick of her already. Unbelievably, if you look online, there are only a scarce amount of pictures of her out there.

At her christening.

Rose and her sister with Grand Jackie before her death.

Then except for background shots taken during the craziness of her famous Uncle's disappearance and later funeral..she kept seriously under wraps.

At Arlington Cemetary for the 40th Anniversary of JFK's death.

This is the one of the prettiest pictures of her..2003 (she looks like Katie Holmes here)

Rose and her Mom at Harvard for a ceremony honoring Senator Ted Kennedy. (2008)

With her Mom and sister at the Democratic National Convention 2008

Rose and fellow Harvard student, Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger. (2009)

Rose and her family greeting mourners of Senator Ted Kennedy at
the Kennedy Library in Boston.

Leaving Ted Kennedy's funeral

Vacationing on St. Barth Christmas 2009

The only time she has really been written about in the press was when a photo of her with some questionable paraphanelia was posted on a friend's Facebook page. It was reported and then re-reported that it was a hookah pipe and nothing more

..she also got some press during her uncle's funeral last year when she ceremoniously shot a bird at a reporter.

..and blowing smoke circles in a friend's dorm room.

Maybe she is just going to stay under the radar. She is graduating this year so things might change. Or..maybe it will be the middle child Tatiana that will be the real star.....


CDS said...

She is so pretty...and that hair is fantastic! We'll see what happens.

Catherine said...

How interesting that you should bring this up! I have thought the same thing myself. Those Kennedy women are not know for their beauty, but she is cute. She could own the world if she wanted to. Wonder what's up!

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine being Jackie O's grandaughter? Wow!

shari @ little blue deer said...

She is so gorgeous, and she does look just like Jackie. It will be really interesting to see what she does...