Monday, April 19, 2010

One Tired Bridesmaid

Wow, what a fabulous weekend I just had, but I am exhausted! Friday morning, one quick trip to the bridesmaid dress store for a try on (there is a past post on procrastinating...) and then off to the Bridesmaids Luncheon. Our lunch was fun and delicious..some girls a still a little tired from our crazy party the night before. Cynthia gave us all jewels to wear at the wedding and then we had a couple of hours before we had to be at the rehearsal.

We met back at the beautiful St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church for the rehearsal. After a few run throughs, we got the thumbs up and were back on the road to the rehearsal dinner.

The dinner was at Ana Capri in the Gables and was a lot of fun. Jorge Estevez, bff of the bride, was the master of ceremonies and introduced all the people making toasts. One was better than the next..I went third so I wouldn't chicken out. The rest of our friends made into town for the dinner, so it was a true reunion.

Our class from St. Thomas

The morning of the wedding, I had to pick up my dress, which was finally perfect, got my hair blown out and then picked up some girls and headed to the bride's house. She wanted everyone to get ready together and ride with her to the church. It was fun and there were many pictures by the photographer, but I didn't get too many.

On to the Ritz Carlton for the reception. Everything looked so pretty and all of our friends were already there partying. We caught up quickly!

The room was set up amazingly. Cynthia had them make a long table for the entire bridal party. It looked fantastic.

The beautiful cake, which was delicious

After the bridal party all came in and Cynthia and Matt had their first dance, the band really turned the music up and the dance floor was packed. It was so much fun and then after the first yummy course, Cynthia and her Dad had their dance. Their whole family is very musical and everyone is always their dance was a little short and then her Dad grabbed the microphone and sang the rest of the song to her. It was so cute. No one is shy in their family!

After dinner was served, a little Greek dancing...

And more fun..

I think this picture sums up the night!

Sunday morning, the brunch. Everyone was TIRED but in such good spirits. Some of the friends in from out of town are my friends since 4th grade! We all make such an effort to stay in touch, but it great to have weekends like this to catch up.

All in all, a fabulous weekend..congratulations to Cynthia & Matt!!!!!


The Pink Tutu said...

What a fun wedding and you looked stunning! I love that long table for the bridal party. Looked beautiful!

Summer is a Verb said...

Everything looks gorgeous and sooo much fun! XXOO

CDS said...

i want to see full on pictures of your dress because it looked SO PRETTY!!! :) Glad you had a fun weekend!

red ticking said...

looks like alot of love and fun going on... so sweet.
and i just saw millie... and my heart just melted... love her!
happy to have found your blog...xx