Wednesday, April 28, 2010

She's A Show Stealer

In sixth grade at St. Thomas Episcopal School, we spent a good part of the year rehearsing for our big school play. It changed each year and our wonderful Mrs. Gilmore had written ours, a delightful story called "The Greening of Cherry Grove." My brother who was three years ahead of me had a tiny part in the same play his year and I got the fun role of Leila..along with a lengthy monologue that gave me jitters like I have never known. It really didn't matter because the shining star of our show was our very talented friend Katie Finneran and the show most certainly belonged to her.
Me and Katie

Fast forward to college..we all took a trip to the local movie theater to see our dear friend Katie starring in the remake of "Night of the Living Dead". We were so proud!

In our 20's, Katie went straight to New York and hit the theater running. On various girls trips to NYC, I had a chance to see her in lots of different plays and even as Sally Bowles in Cabaret. She has had TV and movie parts in Sex in the City, Wonderfalls and Frasier and was even Maureen the lesbian nanny in You've Got Mail!

Katie in Iceman Cometh starring Kevin Spacey (1999)

One big role in 2001 on Broadway, "Noises Off" earned her a coveted Tony Award and all the accolades that go along with that amazing honor.

Katie in Beyond Therapy (2008)

Katie in Hedda Gabbler (2009)

She has played so many parts in movies that I never know where she might turn up. In January, while visiting my friend Laura, her kids were watching a cute movie "Firehouse Dog"..sure enough Katie pops onto the screen playing a reporter..the movie was adorable.

She has kept super busy since then and now is stealing the show in a new revival of Promises, Promises by Neil Simon in the Broadway Theater. The stars of the show are Kristin Chenowith and Sean Hayes and Katie is getting rave reviews for her hilarious turn as Marge MacDougall in this funny show based on the screenplay "The Apartment".

If you live in NYC or happen to be planning a visit soon, check this show won't be disappointed.

Katie and Sean Hayes at the opening night party at The Plaza Hotel.

To read Katie's review in the New York Times, click here

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shari @ little blue deer said...

That is such a cool story! I really admire Broadway actors, much more so than movie actors. I feel like I've even heard of her! Anyway, saw your blog on a blogroll and it caught my eye, I ADORE Rhode Island, lived in Providence for 2 years and it was my favorite place ever. So, consider me a new follower, and I will definitely be back! Cheers!