Monday, May 3, 2010

Decorating Dilemma

Recently, I have been spending some serious cash at the framing place, trying to finally frame all the art I have been storing. I painted my bedroom and bathroom in a very pretty light blue but my long bathroom does not have a fan and the wall sweats when I take a shower. So..I am hesitant to hang any art in there because it will inevitably get damp.

The other solution is to buy some less expensive art and then not worry about it. I found these two prints at Z Gallerie last night. They are cute and match my decor.

Any other ideas? I have lived in my apartment for 1 1/2 years and have bare walls in my bathroom!

I popped into Z Gallerie on my way to see The Back Up Plan. It was really cute and I have to say Jennifer Lopez looked fabulous..this was my favorite look of hers

and holy cow..her co-star was super cute..

I love a good romantic comedy. I like so many, I couldn't name any one favorite. My life needs to be a little more like a romantic already is a comedy but there is a little romance missing!


Honor said...

Why not go for what you love?! Z Gallerie is not exactly fine art, so even if it does get damp, it's not like you are ruining a Renoir!

Vynuss said...

Ok, I love the Z Gallerie prints. Of course I would be hesitant to hang artwork in the bathroom too. Definitely stay away from canvas and wood frames in your bathroom... the moisture from the shower/tub will cause the wood to warp and damage. You could probably have your artwork professionally framed and sealed if you really wanted to, but I'd go for the Z Gallerie prints. :) Let us know what you decide!

CDS said...

I think in the bathroom you should put some acrylic floating shelves with cermanic pieces or something...that way you don't have to worry about the art in frames.

Hoby said...

enough of this spending cash on picture frames's about time you invested in in some dining room chairs...we want to come over already!