Friday, May 7, 2010

Looking Forward to Summer...again!

Me in Virginia short is my hair?

I have decided this will be an annual post..when it gets hot enough here in Miami to be looking forward to summer up North! It is in the 90's here right now and I am melting. July..I will be sitting on a beach chair at Gooseberry Beach soaking up the sun. I usually borrow beach chairs from my friend Tara, but this year, I am going to order my own chair. This one is looking good to me

Or this one...but it doesn't have a drink holder-very important!

My roommates and I have rented a new house in Newport this summer, a little nicer and with roof decks! Everyone is so excited and even though I am only there in parts of July, I am thrilled to go back and get out of Miami for a bit. Cheers to summer! xo


Summer is a Verb said...

That is theee cutest picture EVER!!! XXOO

Summer is a Verb said...

ps...the chairs with the cup holders weigh a ton! As much as I'd like a cup holder the "carry" to and from the beach is a pill...XXOO

JMW said...

Love the childhood pic! And those chairs are great. 90 degrees already?! Whoa.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally in love with this one... most expensive beach chair ever? Yes, but I still love it.
- Anita