Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Something Borrowed and Bling!

Love the Emily Giffin books Something Borrowed, Somthing Blue and Baby Proof..I must be behind on my celebrity blog reading because the picture of Kate Hudson and Gennifer Goodwin yesterday on People.com was the first I knew of a movie being made!!! Hopefully, they will do a good job and not condense a few books into one like they did with the Shopaholic series. The author has a new book that just came out called Heart of the Matter, now on sale!

Photo courtesy of People.com

Also...Jojo is having her 2nd Annual Bling Sale for Memorial Day Weekend. When I first arrived in Newport, I quickly noticed tons of cute girls sporting huge sparklers in their ears in every color. I quickly found out who Jojo was and her bling was everywhere! Now her bling earrings come in different sizes and a crazy amount of colors. The sale is only online at jojolovesyou or at the Bellevue Beauty Walk in Newport. The blings come in a cute little round tin container and make great gifts. The sale starts Friday, May 28th and ends on Monday, May 31st. The details are...

Blings 3 for $60
Mini Blings 3 for $50
Party Blings 3 for $75
Mega Blings 3 for $90

Happy Shopping!!!


alanna said...

oh what a great deal! i'm definitely going to check these out and i'll probably share the deal on my blog too ;)

Pink Champagne said...

Oh my goodness - I adore all of those Emily Giffin books! Another movie for me to look forward to once SATC2 has come and gone... ;)

CDS said...

Those are great earrings...and books!!
I agree...I hope that the movie translates better than Shopaholic...Shopaholic irked me! xo