Friday, June 11, 2010

More Memorial Day Treats..

This latest trip to Nantucket is one that is usually planned for Memorial Day each year..but this year we combined it with a bachelorette party for our friend Lou. She is getting married in Greece in August. Tara and Shannon did most of the planning for the weekend, renting the house..dealing with all the details of the party and such. We had such a good time and on Saturday, when all the girls came into town, it was a huge group! People were here and there, I had a cold the entire time so I felt like I was in slow motion...but had a blast...

The official logo for the weekend, the Greek flag in the shape of a heart with Lou spelled out in Greek letters, super cute..

The Gazebo..right in the middle of it all..entertaining

during the day...
and at night!

The Straight Wharf, such a fun place..turn to the left or right and there were Ralph Lauren models everywhere. This was the scene of my most embarrassing moment of the weekend. I waited in line so patiently to go the bathroom and right before it was my turn, some girl started talking to me about my straight hair..before I knew it, a very well dressed girl walked right into the stall in front of me and I said "excuse me, but I have been waiting.." and she turned to me like I was a complete idiot, as she picked up trash on the floor and made sure there was adequate supplies in there. How embarrassing, I apologized about twenty times and felt ridiculous..but what can you do?

Saturday night, we headed to the Chicken Box..not my favorite..only because they pack about 500 people in a space for 300 and you can't move or get a drink or breath. The music is usually good, but my tolerance for this place is not high. Thankfully, we didn't stay all night.

Me and Shannon
lots of cute boys...

Vis-A-Vis...this place is dangerous. Not only do they have more jewelry than I have ever seen in one shop, but they have everything! If you were to lose your luggage on the way here, this is where you could pop in and get everything for a weekend visit. Beautiful clothes, tunics, wraps, dresses, shoes and more. The staff is super helpful and friendly and always changing things up in the store. A must see for sure!

Gorgeous beads

Zodiac necklaces

Delicate beauties

Nantucket bracelets..super cute

I couldn't stop staring at this case. I want both of the gold necklaces on the white neck, at least two of the earrings and every bracelet shown. Seriously, this case blows my mind! Check out the website for this fabulous store here.

Across the street from Vis-A-Vis is Erica Wilson. This amazing store on the left side has super stylish clothing and accessories and on the right is chock full of needlepoint canvases and a sweet children's section. One of the highlights of my weekend was walking in the store and being recognized from my blog by the delightful Heidi, who not only manages the store but also designs jewelry that is featured there.

Heidi modeling one of her designs..

Her earrings..pearl posts with an assortment of different flower jackets.

Woven pearl bracelets

There are tons of interesting this handmade sea-inspired baby mobile.

How cute are these tiny Tretorns???? They also come in navy blue!

Cute outfits displayed everywhere..also a great collection of Roberta Roller Rabbit.

Adorable totes.

Erica Wilson has a can visit here.

I promise to finish all my shopping posts this weekend. There were so many!


QueenBeeSwain said...

drooling over the jewelry and what a great night you had!



Preppy Little Dress said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time! Great pictures, I am going to visit Erica Wilson's website now...thanks for the link!

preppyinnewengland said...

Fab pics and hi-lights of the Nantucket stay! I just love it over there!