Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Searching for ???

After spending all this time writing in my blog, it is only natural to wonder who is reading it and how do these readers find me. I have found many blogs by jumping from blog to blog and clicking FOLLOW on the ones that look good, always willing to check new ones out. The statcounter feature at the bottom of my blog gives me a ton of information on where people are coming from, what city they live in, which links they clicked to exit, etc.. But nothing is as entertaining as checking the search engine log, which lists the last searches that led someone to come to Summer in Newport. Here is a snapshot from Tuesday night. Many are Newport keywords (Gooseberry Beach, Pink Pineapple and CK Bradley), others are about recent (or not so recent) posts.

29 Jun Gooseberry Beach29 Jun ck bradley
29 Jun jean schlumberger sixteen stone ring
29 Jun gooseberry beach
29 Jun related:amidlifeofprivilege.blogspot.com29 Jun stiltsville hicks house29 Jun bethenny turquoise necklace29 Jun house beautiful blue march 201029 Jun summer in newport blog29 Jun the pink pinapple newport29 Jun the pink pinapple newport29 Jun Gooseberry Beach29 Jun ck bradley trunk show29 Jun ck bradley trunk show29 Jun ck bradley29 Jun summers in newport29 Jun expedit bookshelf29 Jun rose kennedy schlossberg looks like jackie29 Jun hunter boots preppy29 Jun jules kirby

The funniest one is "expedit bookshelf". You might remember my horrific one month long assembly of my bookshelf last year, but at least once a day, someone somewhere around the world is googling expedit bookshelf from Ikea and my blog entry comes up. It probably confuses the heck out of them. And, my post is not the most inspiring for someone trying to put theirs together!

My other favorite on this list is "rose kennedy schlossberg looks like jackie" which comes up almost every day as well. I am relieved to know I am not the only one that is interested in her. I guarantee she will be seriously on the scene in the next year or two.

This feature is a little dangerous if you have slight stalker qualities... I don't but can see how all this information in the wrong hands could drive someone a little crazy.

Oh..and by the
website is live. It is still in the works, so it won't be ready for a big launch until at least next week, but check it out! It is so cute and I love love love it. Thank you to Cara, Keeli and most especially Ryan-the three people who have made it all possible. xo


Sweet Southern Prep said...

That is the craziest thing, and yet, so cool! Love your blog, and that so many people can find you.

The Humble Table said...

What a great post! It's interesting to see how different people find your blog- I think I found yours by searching something with "Newport blogs" (just moved to Newport a few months ago), and it popped up. I think you're right though the tool could be dangerous in the wrong hands..!