Monday, June 21, 2010

The Tudors

I guess all good things must end, but The Tudors ending Sunday night just has me depressed. I have thoroughly enjoyed this show for four seasons and even learned a thing or two about English history along the way. Showtime really did a bang up job with this series, no expense spared, the sets and costumes are incredible. There are many different versions about this time period, and this series was no different from the rest, taking serious artistic liberties. The first example of this was in the first season where I guess for story telling purposes they combined King Henry's two sisters into one character. Not a huge deal, but it makes me wonder about the real history of the Tudor period and King Henry's reign.

When I read the other Boleyn Girl, I literally couldn't put it down, I found the details so fascinating, even though she somewhat fictionalized the story, which made it even more alluring. Then when the movie came out, I was so disappointed because they changed things up a bit. The didn't clearly show Mary as King Henry's mistress for as long as she was, having bore him two children, one a boy! Don't get me wrong, I loved the movie, but it didn't match up with the book that I had just finished and loved.

Then Showtime started The Tudors series. They really slowed the story down to stretch across a few seasons, but they picked an actor that was too young. Again, don't get me wrong, it isn't too difficult to watch Jonathan Rhys-Meyers on screen, he is beautiful, but the story moves along and they don't really age him. He supposedly was with Anne Boleyn for years before he actually consummated their relationship and it just took one season on The Tudors. Also, by the time he is with Katherine Howard, his had grown very fat and the leg wound from a jousting accident that they just touched upon starting last season and featured this season was supposedly so disgusting and foul smelling, that people could barely stand to be near him. In the last few episodes, they added more grey in his hair and made his voice raspy, as if to speed up his aging process. They should have done this a while back. In addition, they aged Charles Brandon in one episode right at the end before he dies.

Now that the show has ended, I wish another would start from where it left off..there is still so much more to tell. If you have not seen this series, the DVDs are available and this last season is on demand for Showtime, but you have to really watch and pay attention, because there is a lot to absorb and I would definitely recommend sending the kiddies out of the room, because there are some steamy scenes for sure!

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JulesTX said...

I adore The Tudors, even got my hubby hooked. I have not seen the last epispde yet, its saved on my DVR and honestly I almost hate to see it as it means it finally ended. I wish Showtime still had the first 3 seasons on demand, I would start right back at the beginning again.