Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World Cup Fever

These last two weeks, I have caught a few of the World Cup matches, the USA ones of course, but I am not a die hard by any means. My office, a large campus-like compound has serious World Cup fever. I am not sure if it is because it is a very international company, or that maybe I am just out of the loop and everyone is obsessed and I am just realizing it.

I got to work today and there was no one to be found..literally one or two people scattered around, everyone was in the cafeteria, equipped with several large screen televisions that have been there since the World Cup started. Sure enough, I popped in there and sat amongst the unbelievable amount of people, secretaries to executives and thought..this in unprecedented that everyone gets a World Cup pass to blow off work to watch soccer. Now, this morning of course it was USA playing Algeria, so at least our team was on. I sat next to our two interns, who quickly filled me in that the score was 0-0 with two minutes left. Each missed opportunity garnered huge groans from the audience and I am tweeting away at the ridiculousness of it all..when USA scored!!! Pandemonium erupted in our cafeteria..and there I was cheering and clapping with everyone else. So..I finally get it. Go USA!!!!

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CDS said...

It was beyond exciting!!!! I caught it on my phone thanks to Sprint TV. I have a crush on Landon Donovan, so I am very glad he is the one to score he goal.