Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blogging=free therapy?

Writing in a blog almost daily for over 3 years means more and more secrets start to spill out onto the computer screen. I have shared some pretty telling information about myself and am not sure I didn't send a few readers running in the opposite direction. It could be considered a form of therapy, all this writing. Very inexpensive therapy...

If I were on a therapist's couch, one thing that would definitely come up is Compulsion..what drives me to buy things I don't need, but can't seem to walk away from? I can think of 3 examples of this problem immediately.

1. Rolled up for over 6 years now, absolutely beautiful wrapping paper that I fell in love with on site. It is pink with white branches and pink birds. My first thought was, I would paper the background of a bulletin board and paint the sides white. So, that hasn't happened yet, but at $6.50 a sheet (I bought all they had-7 sheets), I am just waiting to use it for something fabulous. I know for sure that if I hadn't bought it that day, this paper would have haunted me.

2. Plastic cups...I have mentioned my obsession with the perfect plastic cup many times on this blog but it hit a certain peak while visiting my darling friend Corey in East Hampton one summer. (the actual trip to EH is for another blog post some day..very amusing) We were shopping around and went into The Monogram Shop. I almost died in many wonderful things and then I spotted the most adorable frosted plastic cups with either BEACH or POOL written on them in a variety of colors. I scooped up 25 of the beach cups without blinking once, the $3/each price tag didn't slow me down one bit. Corey just laughed at me, used to my quirky shopping habits. Now..I still have these cups, and I use them all the time, but did I need to buy 25 $3 cups??? Again, I couldn't walk away from them.

3. Last, I will use a very recent and dangerous example of my compulsive shopping habits...Janet Hill. While perusing Whitney English's beautiful website 2 years ago, I saw in her Inspiration section, a lovely painting of a desk and a blurb about Janet Hill, a Canadian painter who was gaining popularity on Etsy. I went straight over to her Etsy site and was mesmerized. Day after day, I checked that site but the paintings were always sold! I quickly learned that you have to literally stalk her site and around 4pm, she would post the newest painting and then you have to grab it quickly! So, I decided one day, I was going to get a painting if it killed me. Luckily, I work for a friend and she just looked the other way as I sat in front of my computer for over an hour, pressing the refresh button every 5 seconds. Suddenly, a painting popped up and I clicked the buy button so fast, it made my head spin. Luckily, it was a perfect painting for me.

and a couple of weeks later, this one came up...

then one smaller one and then I realized I was going to have an entire living room full of these paintings. Thank goodness she made it a chore to buy them, or that is exactly what would have happened. I have purchased a few prints since but common sense has prevailed and I am running out of room to hang things.

These days, my shopping has been minimal. I am in spending freeze mode, so not so much fun. Hopefully soon, I will be back with my wish list ready to go! This all came about after a dinner with friends last week when one of them announced that she had been going to therapy for a while and it was fantastic, an hour of talking to someone about yourself. This had me thinking...does my insurance cover therapy?


CDS said...

The joys of therapy...and the joyus of retail therapy!! We're too much alike...which reminds me I still want that silver disc bracelet. Any other fun goodies I should look at???

pve design said...

Cute. So glad we could all help you out and I love how certain things have a way of driving one, like plastic tumblers, artwork and paper. I guess some blogs are a form of therapy or an online diary of sorts.
I hope mine will come in handy to write my memoir.
A prof. told me a highly touted scholar had no diary to write his memoir.