Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Newport Tour Guide

Having someone come to visit me in Newport made me put my tour guide thinking cap on for the first time. BFF Meg came to visit me from North Carolina last week. She has been listening to me talk about the fabulousness of Newport for so many summers, she wanted to see if for herself. We spent Tuesday in Boston checking out Charles and Newbury Street, the Public Garden and more. Tara and Shannon met us for lunch at the Paramount..yum. I am certainly not a Boston expert, so I did the best I could...
Meg and I with the Silver Man in the Garden

We arrived in Newport in the late afternoon. It happened to be unreasonably hot so we got ready and headed straight out for a driving tour and then to dinner at the Barking Crab.

Wednesday, we hit Bellevue and Thames for some shopping, stopping for lunch at the International Tennis Hall of Fame. For dinner we chose the Cooke House, which did not disappoint, was so fun and delicious.

We got up early on Thursday and the weather completely cooled off. We went walking on the Cliff Walk and then drove into the gates of Rough Point to see Doris Duke's mansion tour. When you drive in, the first thing you see in addition to her beautiful home is her camel topiaries. They are so funny.

Meg and I ended up having our own private tour and our guide was a smidge on the eccentric side. I think we were hoping for more of a People Magazine-type tour and we got the National Geographic tour instead. When Meg tried to ask for some more juicy details having just seen the recent movie about her life, our guide stiffened up and obviously was very uncomfortable sharing details of Miss Duke that were of a more personal nature..hilarious. She also couldn't help but break into a sing-songy voice when sharing certain facts about the house. I swear, I thought I was going to bust out laughing, but managed to hold it in until we left the tour.

on to a yummy lunch at 41 North...with the amazing weather and the beautiful view, this place is just fabulous. For the afternoon...the beach with some friends. Most of my roommates came back into town and we went to Perro Salado for dinner.

Friday morning, we drove to Boston with Brooke and made a couple of pit stops on the way. One very important stop was the Matouk outlet. If I hadn't painted my room light blue, I would have changed the whole thing and bought this Lulu DK duvet.

It was less than $100 and so pretty..this one below was there was well. Love, love love..

Meg got to see a little more of Boston-the North End and Downtown on the way to lunch at Stephanie's on Newbury. Tara met us there and then it was time to say goodbye! I maneuvered the drive to the airport, then to Shannon's to pick up my borrowed a/c and then got really adventurous and used the GPS to get myself to Beadworks in Cambridge. The Beadworks location conveniently located on Newbury closed, so I had to try this location. I hit the jackpot and found some amazing chain, so my trip was successful. I need to buy one of those Garmin GPS things, it was so easy to use and very portable.
Now that I am a seasoned tour guide, it is almost time for me to go. If someone wants to come for a last minute visit, let me know!


CDS said...

Awww sounds like you had a great time!! Hoorah!!

QueenBeeSwain said...

I am DROOLING over those duvets and you are THE Newport welcome wagon, I will have to get out there so you can give me a tour!