Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Newport Weekend

My weekend post is delayed due to my camera cord being left in Newport. Of all the things to forget, are you kidding me? In a panic (not necessarily because I don't think my roommates are capable of mailing it back-this is actually a test to see which of my roommates read this blog)I headed straight to Radio Shack and bought for $19.99 an unbelievable new gadget that reads all size media cards and connects straight to the computer. This is my new favorite thing.

My arrival on Friday was fantastic, the minute I walked off the plane, I could feel the cooler temperature and it put such a smile on my face. Brooke picked me up and we headed straight to lunch at 41 North, an beautiful hotel that just opened and looks and feels like something straight out of South Beach. The outside bar was open last year and we went many times, all the staff wear white collared shirts and shorts with a scarf tied around their neck, it is so cute. The view is great.
So, our lunch was great and then she dropped me off at the house. I had seen it once over Memorial Day but not inside. It is so much nicer than our house in the past and the big bonus is the roof deck, a perfect amount of space for everyone to hang out and watch all the activity down below.

We went out Friday night to a party at 41 North and then headed to our other usual spots. I felt like I just left last weekend instead of last Labor Day! Saturday morning, we went to my favorite breakfast place, Atlantic Grille.

You have to wait in line usually to get a table, but it is so worth it. They have the best pancakes in the world. I always get Second Beach, which is too much food, but just delicious. Then, we headed to Gooseberry Beach. It was THE most beautiful day and even though I applied a ton of sunscreen, I got burnt. The line at the snack shack was too long and by 3:30, we packed it up and headed home.

The rest of the weekend was a mix of the beach, shopping and going out. On Saturday night, 41 North had their grand opening party. We went by and I finally got to meet Kiel James Patrick, who was holding court at the downstairs bar. He was so cute.

On the 4th, we went back to the beach for a bit-it seemed necessary-I hid under an umbrella the whole time. It was crazy packed. Then, we got ready for our party. We had some friends over on the roof deck for cocktails and snacks. The sunset happened to be spectacular and the fireworks, perfect.

Monday, I did some shopping and will post later about some of my favorite stores. I will head back up North next week for my real vacation. Can't wait!


CDS said...

Everything happens for a reason...if you hadn't left it then you wouldn't have found your new gadget! :) Glad you had a nice time in Newport. xo

Denie said...

Who is Kiel James Patrick?