Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh..to travel these days

This morning, I left Newport to come home. I had a fantastic time this weekend and knew I needed to set up travel arrangements to get myself to the Providence airport but kept thinking I would deal with it "later". When making my reservation, I tried desperately to get the non-stop flight to and from Fort Lauderdale on Southwest (2 bags free!) and the only options coming home were 7:10am Tuesday and 6:30pm Monday. Trying to maximize my time on vacation, I opted for the 7:10am flight, not only giving me an extra night away but saving money as well.

I think I might have saved $40 but when my alarm went off this morning at 4:25am, I would have paid $100 to keep sleeping for another hour or two. I have done this so many times, booking early flights and then regretting it horribly later on. The only shuttle that would get me there on time was at 5am!! Luckily, my roommates are very nice and Denice offered to get up and drive me. I had B15 for a boarding slot, not bad for forgetting to call and check in Monday morning, so all in all, Southwest was pretty great.

My gold bangles are another story altogether. I have to go through the embarrassing pat down because they don't come off and my bra apparently has massive underwire parts that make the wand go crazy beeping. I usually don't care, but today it was so early and the lady's military grade inspection looking for hidden weapons was incredibly annoying.

I guess if Kate Beckinsale has to go through it, I am in good company!

That is all of my travel woes...I have to vent once or twice a year. I am sure there are a few of you out there that can feel my pain!


MaryBeth said...

I am all for security but making me take off my loose sweater is ridiculous. What could I be hiding that the metal detector doesn't see? And if I really was hiding something wouldn't I do a better job than in my waistband?

CDS said...

I had to get patted down last week leaving MIA for DC because I was wearing a dress...I was wearing a dress because we were going straight to the Hill to visit with Senators and Reps...AND because I'm prego. Anyhow--- you're in good company. xo

JMW said...

Yeah, the airport is such a challenge anymore, especially with little ones in tow. We had several items pulled from our carry-ons, b/c we totally blanked on the whole liquid thing. Luckily we got them back, but it took extra time.

QueenBeeSwain said...

oh god, at first I thought you drove there in the chester chester molester van!