Monday, July 26, 2010

Perfect Weekend in Newport

I am still recovering from the non-stop action of my crazy weekend. The weather her is so fickle, Thursday morning we woke up early and it was the 70's and blue skies. Fast forward to the weekend, and the heat set in and as I have mentioned many times, there isn't much air conditioning going on. Friday, I spent the day in Boston walking around and giving Meg a quick tour before she left and then did a little window shopping. Brooke and I drove home in the pouring rain and made it just in time to go out with the girls. We decided to try something new and go to a restaurant we pass by all the time. There wasn't that many people there but we ordered a bunch of appetizers and cocktails and had the best time.

Next stop..the West Deck. Not much going on there so we headed to the Dock Side. There, we ran into a bachelor party and spent the rest of the night hanging out with them. The party ended up on our roof deck till all hours.

Saturday, we headed to the beach. It was a scorcher, but so beautiful to be out there. I have become a huge fan of the umbrella, able to get sun and then when you get too hot, you just slide your chair underneath and it is a whole different situation. We left the beach right before the thunderstorm rolled in and headed home. We made plans to meet our bachelor party friends later on.

We got ready for another hot night out and we ended up having a blast. I can't seem to stop taking pictures from above, thinking it is always a good thing at the time, but really should let someone else take it. I am now thinking that this stems from 3 years ago, at the same place as these pictures were taken, I handed my favorite camera to someone who was a little incapacitated and he dropped it on the floor, and it was never the same again-or I should say RUINED. Boo hoo.

Me and Shannon...

Me and new friend Sid...

The only bummer of the weekend??...favorite Gucci shoes that melted down at the same time for both feet! Isn't that the strangest thing? I had to walk home barefoot mourning the possible death of these beauties. They are headed straight to Gucci when I get home. I hope they can work some Italian magic on them.

I was able to talk everyone into going to my favorite breakfast place on Sunday. No beach that day, but we all re-grouped and amazingly made it out again last night! Denise and I walked home early and I was secretly planning to be on the couch at 11pm to watch the second showing of Mad Men and guess what?? Our cable DOES NOT HAVE the Mad Men channel!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? Of course no one else in the house even watches it, so I will have to find someone at home that DVR'd it and catch up then.

My big week ahead? Making jewels, working on website, working remotely from my part time job and making more jewelry. My time is flying by here and I am trying to soak it all in before I head back down South. Excellent shopping posts to come later this week!


Southern_Housewife said...

I feel your pain about Mad Men! We are at our summer house in Maine & the cable doesn't have AMC! I watched it on my laptop this morning from Amazon Video on Demand for $1.99.....totally worth the 2 bucks!!

dreaming in pink and green said...

I love those heels :( Your pics make me want to go to Newport so badly!

Catherine said...

You need to share the names of those restaurants! What a shame about your sandals. Surely Gucci will help you out.