Monday, August 16, 2010

Eat Pray Love

Saturday night, I went to see Eat Pray Love. We purchased tickets early in the day and were in the seats 30 minutes prior just to make sure we weren't stuck in the first row . I loved this book so much and have been looking forward to this movie for months. Rarely does a movie do justice to a good book, but this one does a fine job of capturing the spirit of the Elizabeth Gilbert and her year long journey.

My love for the book was only intensified after seeing the author on the Oprah Show.

Julia Roberts is so appealing on-screen and she is a perfect Liz . In Italy...

In India..

and in Bali...

Javier Bardem is intoxicating.

You can't help but fall in love with him.

Eat Pray Love is a must see summer is fantastic!

Now, the upcoming trailers I saw before the movie were all amazing...but I felt like I saw the whole movies in the trailers! I hate when they do that!!!


CDS said...

I am going to try and break away on Sunday from my packing and painting duties to go see it. I'm almost done with the bhook and am enjoying it. xoxo

Paula P. said...

I first got a hold of the book after seeing the previews of the movie. I'm still in Italy, and my boyfriend is pushing me to finish it so we can go see it. :)