Wednesday, September 1, 2010

North Carolina Weekend

I am still unpacking from my trip! So many bags and boxes filled with my trunk show goods. I never realize how much stuff I really have until I have to transport it. This past weekend was so fantastic, and my show on Friday was a huge success! I have so more pictures-I so wish I had more, but was super busy almost the entire time...

Very popular Hello Kitty Necklaces...all gone!

Favorite Swarovski crystal bracelets, a few left...

Delicious food in Pam's dining room, updated almost all day long. I kept sneaking in there for snacks..and punch.

Me and little Ashley..she is so cute. I spent most of the weekend trying to take pictures of her..but she moves too fast and my camera is too slow. I was not that successful. This picture prompted me to get my hair cut first thing Monday morning. I literally drove around until I found a salon open on a Monday. Happy to report that it is now slightly shorter and very healthy looking.

This awesome necklace did not sell and I am so surprised.

This sold immediately..I am making another tonight. So great for the Fall.

Catherine and Ashley Saturday morning..watching the festivities.

Meg's parents live in a beautiful house on a farm. There is always something going on there. This weekend, I got to meet Sassy the lamb and Buster the goat. Buster is on a tight leash and Sassy just follows behind. She is checking out Ashley here..

They decided that Sassy, who had been bottle-fed and obviously raised like a pet. When they started scrubbing her, she sat down and just them clean her up. It was so funny. She looked like a new lamb when they were through.

Sunday, we all went to lunch on the lake.

Ashley and Pam.

She was done with my camera during lunch. I overdid it again...

I wish I took more pictures, we were just all over the place and then my battery died and I forgot my charger. Dying to go back when the weather is cooler. It is like a sauna here in Miami still and it doesn't cool off here until at least October!!! Boo hoo..

Cannot believe it is September 1st!!!!!!

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