Thursday, August 26, 2010

Packing Up and Heading Out

I seriously don't think I have been this busy in months and months. Do you ever feel like everyone is pulling at you in every direction? And I don't have children!!

My jewelry factory (me sitting on my couch) has been in overdrive for weeks getting ready for Friday. My flight is this morning and I am still packing and making last minute treasures. This is what my carry on bag looks like so far. It is so heavy! You can't imagine how these crystals set off all the bells and whistles at the airport.

It will be nice to escape the heat in Miami even for a few days. Will keep you posted on my progress. Hope everyone is having a nice's almost over!!!!

Also, sending yummy jellybeans to my Mom.
Hope to see you soon! xo


JMW said...

Good luck with your show and safe travels!

QueenBeeSwain said...

g'luck and the pics in this post are so cheery and bright!