Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Huge Sale at CK Bradley

If you are near Newport or near a must check out all the fabulous deals and steals at CK Bradley. All CK Bradley merchandise is 50% off!!!

On the sidewalk outside, there is an enticing rack of dresses

So loving this one..

Stop by the store and Tula might be greeting you at the cute

All totes-50% off, that makes the big ones $62.50!

A ton of beautiful dresses left...

Adorable headbands..

Round Toiletry Bags..

Fabric clutches..

All belts $10

The last time I was there, there was all sorts of interesting things for sale from the archives...

There is talk of an enourmous warehouse filled with all sorts of goodies. I think Camilla needs to have a warehouse sale. People would drive to Newport from miles and miles...

Run, don't walk to CK Bradley!!!

28 Bellevue Avenue

Newport, Rhode Island


JMW said...

Ooo, since I love oh-so-far away from Newport, I'll have to check out the online store. Too bad, Tula would be so cute to see in person!

CDS said...

OH if only I had not vowed to not shop for myself for a bit..

Stephanie said...

Super cute! I'm going to have to check out their site!