Friday, September 17, 2010

In the Anchor Chair

This week, our friend Cynthia invited us for a field trip to WFOR, Channel 4. She is reporting the news for their My33 channel at 10pm for a bit so we went to check it out.

After a yummy dinner, she started the tour. We met all the producers and writers, they were all sitting at their desks getting ready to start the 10pm news. Cynthia took us down a long hallway and we saw the master control room. It looked like this...

the coolest thing I found out was the Oprah show feeds into their station at 10am when the show airs and they hold onto it all day until 4pm when it is on our local station. Can you imagine..access to Oprah early? How fun!

We finally got into the actual studio and it was so cool. The desk that all the anchors sit behind is very large and has two computer screens built into the top. When you sit at the desk, three large cameras that look like robots are in front and a man perched above controls their movements. It didn't take Denie very long to hop right into the chair and test out her "anchorness".

We all took turns sitting there..

and then a group shot.

Then we retreated to the couch on the side of the studio so Cynthia could actually work and revise what she was about to read on the air. She disappeared for 15 minutes and came back looking like a true anchorwoman, perfect hair, perfect makeup and an amazing outfit that looked perfect on the air. She is so professional and it was so great to see it all up close and personal.

We stayed half-way through the show and when I got home, I caught literally the last few seconds of Cynthia on the air and got this not so perfect shot, but you can see how great she looked.

Cynthia got her start at our high school as one of the anchors of WPAW on a very official set given to our school by a local station. She reported the news every morning and hasn't stopped since!

Thanks Cynthia, we loved our field trip!!! xo


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

How fun! Such a dream job too!

Denie said...

How did you find that WPAW photo?! Impressive!