Monday, September 13, 2010

Missing Betty

On the first few episodes of this season's Mad Men, I was wondering what they did with Betty? She kind of disappeared. I am not too fond of her character of late..she is so mean..but her clothes..fabulous. As close to a modern day Grace Kelly as we could get, the costume designer on that show must have so much fun finding era-appropriate clothing for January Jones, her slim figure a perfect mannequin for the clothes of the period. Every detail perfect.

Gorgeous while pregnant..

and my favorite..Betty in her riding gear. Love, love love.

What I really get a kick out of is January Jones purposefully dressing as far away from her Betty character at every awards show. Everyone hates her dresses because all they want her to wear is something like she does in the show. This last dress at the Emmys caused quite a commotion.

Not my favorite by any means..but not as horrendous as everyone said. Let's hope there is more Betty in the episodes to come..and she lightens up a little!!!


Glitterista said...

I also haven't been loving Betty's character lately, but the aqua dress last night was one of my favorites yet!

JMW said...

I am not a regular viewer of Mad Men (not sure why not b/c what I've seen is great, guess it's the time slot), but I adore the clothing. Betty's wardrobe is fabulous - I've heard the costume designer for MM is coming out with her own line.

CDS said...

We had quite a bit of Betty last night. Betty at dinner, Betty at home, Betty in bed, and Betty at a kiddie party.

Preppy 101 said...

I'm totally with you on not loving her at the moment. All the sympathy I had for her the last few seasons is gone. Anyway - you're so right about her wardrobe. That dress last night was gorgeous!! xoxo