Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Obsessed With the Beehive..

You can't miss the amazing gold beehive Verdura bracelet watch dangling off Lisa Birnbach's wrist at all of her appearances. It is so beautiful and every time I see her wear it, I fall in love even more. I can only imagine what the price tag says, it isn't have to call and inquire.

Photos from Facebook

The True Prep tour doesn't hit South Florida until the end of November/early December, so I have a while to go. Hopefully, my crazy work schedule won't hold me up and I will get to one of the events. Can you imagine being on the road for such a long time??? I would have to have a portable TIVO player with me, or a new iPad so I could watch all of my shows!


Glitterista said...

I was also drooling over this in a major way! What a gorgeous, timeless piece. :)

CZ said...

Gorgeous watch!

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much for sending the purse and I LOVE the necklace what an added bonus!!!
Thank you so much, Becs

Anonymous said...

The closest Lisa Birnbach is coming to NPT is Greenwich CT and Boston...:(