Saturday, September 25, 2010

Please Watch This Show!

Well, only one week into the Fall TV season, there is already whispers of cancellation! The one show out of many that stood out for me, that I think is so amazing is Lone Star...LONE STAR. Please watch this show Monday night! The main character is Bob Allen, played by James Wolk, a slightly younger Kyle Chandler look-alike, and he makes the show very fun to watch. Click here to watch the Pilot on Hulu. If this show doesn't make it, I might have to start a petition myself to get it back on.

How cute is he???


MaryBeth said...

I heard it was being cancelled already.

Lauren said...

He's so cute! I thought the first episode was just okay, but I'll watch for this guy any day. I wish they would give these shows a little more time to develop before axing them!