Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stay Away from Aisle 8

I really wish I didn't turn down aisle #8 at my Publix tonight. Looking for some Wheat Thins, I stumbled upon the Keebler section and tried to look away. I have a serious weakness for their Fudge Sticks. Unbelievably, right there on the shelf was a package of Coconut Dreams..Keebler's new version of Girl Scout Samoas. Are you kidding me???

I had to buy a package and yes, they taste just as good and are under $4. I really wish I hadn't turned down this aisle.

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DSS said...

I really wish I hadn't read this post :-o Samoas are my absolutely favorite Girl Scout cookies. The only thing that has saved me is that they are only on sale once a year. Apparently that is no longer the case. Uggghh!