Friday, October 22, 2010


Sorry no posts for a couple of days..I have been running around like crazy. Tomorrow will post my re-cap of the Palm Beach Junior League holiday market. It was lots of fun and very interesting to see what people were shopping for. I didn't sell any of my new things-very strange..but sold most of my crystal bracelets and some Dabney Lee trinkets.

My flu shot on Monday has resulted in a 3 inch round red, hard and very warm area on my my arm has a fever. It is still sore and I am hoping to wake up tomorrow and it will all be gone.

The Beaux Arts Ball is Saturday night and I still don't know what I am wearing...the theme is Oceans Away and you can wear anything ocean related..seriously anything. Ideas are welcome!

My Shellac nails have had it, I am racing to the salon in the morning to get them replaced. I have loved the 3 weeks of not worrying about chipping my nail polish. I had a nice red but am ready for a change.

The Real Housewives of DC reunion wrapped up tonight. It was painful to watch and I think the girls ganging up on the Salahis got old really quickly.

Hope everyone is getting ready for Halloween! I love candy corn, so this time of year is very dangerous!


Jeannie said...

I saw the Reunion too....I was kinda hoping it would be more blatant that they crashed but the state dinner sounded somewhat reasonable...I still don't like them very much! I'm sorry about your flu shot, that sounds terrible. Happy Friday!!!

Carole said...

The funniest part of the RHODC Reunion was that the Salahis left the White House State Dinner because lentil soup was served. I'm still chuckling.

JMW said...

So funny you should say that about "Real Housewives of DC." While I don't care for the Salahi's at all, I, too, am tired of the constant focus on them and the ganging up by the other wives and now husbands/mates. Those who live in glass houses, Cat. :)

Hope your arm gets better soon.

Catherine said...

Anxious to hear about the PB show! Bet it was very interesting!