Tuesday, November 30, 2010


After reading all the True Prep posts for months, Lisa Birnbach finally made it to Miami tonight! She showed up to Books & Books right on time and as soon as she walked in the room, she started talking to everyone like she knew them..it was so funny and a great way to start the True Prep party.

There were some die hards in the crowd, lots of preppy outfits, some authentic, some forced looking, but all festive in spirit..I sat in the front row right in the center, something I would have NEVER done in school. There was a lady sitting right next to me that came with her very preppy terrier named Tippy. Lisa wove Tippy and the fact that it wouldn't be a preppy event if there wasn't a dog present, in several of her funny stories, unfortunately, Tippy was in serious need of a bath and I am sure I had a horrible look on my face half the time Lisa was talking.

When she started signing the books, I got in the line and waited my turn. She managed to strike up a conversation with everyone in line and they all left with huge smiles on their faces. She certainly knows how to work a crowd. When it was my turn, I handed her my old copy of The Official Preppy Handbook and my new True Prep. She remembered meeting me several years ago and was so nice.

One side note...I noticed there was no beautiful Verdura bracelet watch dangling off her wrist. But..when I left she had a beautiful kp green crystal bracelet mixed with her preppy gold bangles!!! Love her!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

kp on sale

I don't know how to put a coupon code on my new website...something on my list, but I have created a 20% off coupon on my Etsy Store. If you have been looking at something for a while, now is your chance for a little discount!

Click on my Etsy widget to the right...shop around...enter THANKS2010 at checkout for 20% off!

I am heading out to the Plantation Shop for a little shopping of my own. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Heading North

I am really only checking in my apartment tonight and driving North tomorrow to see my parents for Thanksgiving. My Mom has transformed herself into a sort of Martha Stewart protege via the internet and her cooking is amazing. Her Thanksgiving dinner is definitely worth the almost 6 hour drive.

In the midst of all my Allure hullabaloo, and during the 6 hour window that my phone actually worked, my Dad called and asked me what are my favorite side dishes were from Mom's kitchen. Uh-oh..I know what that meant...we got an invitation to eat at someones house. Not to be anti-social, but the beauty of having the actual dinner at your house, is you have control of all the leftovers.

For two days, I started panicking and then I came up with a brilliant solution. By the time I got to use my phone again and called home with my idea, our wonder twin powers had already activated and we were thinking alike. She bought a turkey breast for us to cook and keep at home. So, we will hijack some awesome sides from our friend's and then cook our little turkey breast at home. Our house will still smell like Thanksgiving and we will have ample leftovers to make sandwiches all weekend long. The panic is over.

I am planning to stop by Palm Beach for 30 minutes on my way up I-95. My gold Jack Rogers sandals bit the dust this weekend and it is time for a new pair. Calypso, here I come!

Monday, November 22, 2010

One of KP's Favorite Things

Even with all of the most amazing things that Allure of the Seas offers, the one thing that has grabbed my attention on this cruise is the new Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. Located on the Royal Promenade, I noticed the bright red machine the first day, but wasn't able to investigate until later on. Little did I know, it would be an unbelievable treat that would last for my entire trip

This new machine offers 106 different combinations of Coca-Cola products and different flavors. Each Coca-Cola product has its own set of flavors to add. I started out with Diet Coke with orange. It sounds weird, but was delicious. Next, I tried Lime and then Vanilla. Still to try is Raspberry and Cherry (I still have 18 hours until I disembark). Saturday, I tried Sprite Zero with Orange, etc... The possibilities are super fun and you can try so many flavors, it would be weeks before you run out of options.

All around the ship, everyone is holding the large plastic Coca-Cola cups and chatting about what concoction they are drinking. It is quite a conversation starter. The best news is that it has been so popular and all our Executives are on board, we are now going to get one of these beauties in our office in Miami. Hooray!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Adventure at Sea

So, I am on board Allure of the Seas for 5 days, not knowing exactly what my job will be, sort of scary. The first day, Thursday, we had a luncheon on the ship and then checked in around 250 people who were spending the night on board so they could be in the audience for the Today Show broadcast, live from the ship Friday morning from 10 - 11 am. Once everyone was on, they were kind of on their own, so many people wandering around checking out the ship, eating in various places and having cocktails. The ship is debuting Chicago and did a run through for our overnight guests. It was fabulous.

Early Friday morning-seriously early, we got everyone into place while Hoda and Kathie Lee were doing their teasers around the ship. The live broadcast started and it was so much fun. The audience was very enthusiastic and I have to say, we met the ladies for a picture and they were super nice. They filmed a bunch of things Thursday and ran into almost everyone at one point or another. Love them!

The PR Team and the ladies

Me and best dressed friend Hoby

The rest of the day, we got ready for the first sailing guests. In the midst of it all, we were dying for Oprah to start at 4pm, knowing ahead of time that she had a 7 night Caribbean cruise as one of her Favorite Things.

When she announced the cruise towards the end, the crowd here went wild. Her guests are in for a real treat..this ship is amazing and full of fun things to do.

They are filming the moving Jack and Jill starring Adam Sandler and Katie Holmes on board and there have been multiple sightings of everyone since I arrived. Of course, I was dying to see Katie and Suri and I definitely have. Suri is so cute. Katie's whole group arrived in the Aqua Theater for the Sailaway party and even though surrounded by her body guards, was right in the mix of things. A little much for this People-magazine-loving blogger to handle.

Katie walking to her seat..

Royal Caribbean has a new partnership with Dreamworks so the Sailaway party had
Shrek and Fiona and a bunch of Dreamworks characters dancing on the stage.

Adam Sandler watching the festivities from his balcony...

I am having the best time but am super tired. My blackberry stopped working 15 minutes after the ship pulled out of Ft Lauderdale..so if anyone needs to get me..email! Will keep you posted.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The People's Princess

All this talk about William and Kate's engagement and photos of Princess Diana are killing me. Some reporter asked "do you think Princess Diana is still an important part of this story?" How rude! It is so sad that she didn't get to see them grow up. I am posting some of my favorite pictures of her..just feeling nostalgic...

This is my all-time favorite picture of Diana and her boys. The video of her rushing to give them both hugs was played a million times after she died..ugh-gut wrenching!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Quote of the Day

Today, I received an email at work and underneath the lady's signature, she had this quote...

Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up.
~Jesse Jackson
I hope everyone is having a great week. It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week. When things are busy, it seems like time literally flies and I find myself overwhelmed in a good way with many things going on all at the same time. Then, in the middle of my craziness, I read this quote and it just made me stop and think.
I am tying up loose ends because I get onboard Allure of the Seas tomorrow until Tuesday! The ship will be coming in and out of port, and my phone doesn't work out at sea-even though we are literally one mile out. Not the best time for me to be out of touch, but hopefully, everything will be smooth sailing...ha ha

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


What fun news to wake up to! Prince William and his longtime love Kate Middleton have announced their engagement. If only his Mother could see him now, she would be so proud!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pendant Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Leann@jointhegossip , the winner of my pendant giveaway. She chose the chinese coin pendant, very cute. Thank you to all who entered!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

More Gwyneth...

Living in my cloud this past week, I am a day behind all the shows and most major news. Thank goodness for the blogs and all my blog and twitter friends for keeping me up on very important current events. My good pal and fellow all-things-Gwyneth fan Alice from Summer is a Verb tweeted Entertainment Weekly's preview of Gwyneth on next Tuesday's Glee. I just spent way too much time trying to actually cut and past the video and have given up so here is the link. She is so funny and, yes, she can sing...
I have already watched this 20 times. Tuesday night, you will find me on my couch..


Wednesday, I watched the entire Country Music Awards' broadcast to get a glimpse of her singing Country Strong. I was so nervous for her, it was extremely brave to sing a country song in front of the entire industry..yikes! She was great, very nervous in the beginning, but then great.

So my obsession with Gwyneth continues...my other slight obsession with the small daughter of very famous movie star parents is another story. I have featured pictures of her on this blog many times because I think she is super cute and entertaining to watch. She just happens to be staying on board the Allure of the Seas for the next 2 weeks, one of those weeks while I will be on board working. There might be some celeb stalking on a major scale from this blogger..will keep you up to date on all the news..don't worry!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Allure of the Seas

Today, on Veterans Day, hundreds of people gathered at a state park overlooking Port Everglades to watch Royal Caribbean's beautiful Allure of the Seas arrive from Finland. We had a large high school marching band, vendors with tents, lots of refreshments and enthusiastic supporters all out on the beach waving American Flags and waving as the ship rolled into the port.

Right off shore..

The band making their way onto the beach

The band members holding up an enormous American Flag you could see for miles

Getting closer

What a festive way to spend Veterans Day! It was so excited to see the product of so much time and work finally sail right on into Port Everglades. I will be spending days and days on board in the next 2 weeks, expect many interesting posts..there is a movie filming on board with some very VIP celebrity stars. Very fun!

Happy Veteran's Day to all!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pendant Giveaway

Time for another giveaway..this time one of my gold-filled pendants. These cute necklaces are so fun, many to choose from. Great for you or for a gift!





Chinese Coin

To enter: leave one comment on this post and let me know which pendant you like and how many entries you qualify for.
(1) entry for the comment
(1) entry for being a follower or becoming a follower
(1) entry for spreading the word via blog, twitter, facebook or other social networking sites
Enter away until Sunday, November 13th at 6pm. Winner will be announced Monday morning.
Good luck!!! xo

Friday, November 5, 2010

Dreaming of...

When I started my condo search several weeks ago, all I told everyone was "I want a washer and dryer". Simple enough I thought, but not easy to find within my price range in an area I want to reside. Very frustrating...
So I found a condo, put an offer on it and am waiting and waiting. The condo I am hoping to purchase does not have a dishwasher but space for one. When looking at other condos in the same area, one of them with a very eccentric owner showed me her washer/dryer unit where the dishwasher would be. Holy cow..I didn't even know they made that. Apparently, they are very popular in Europe.

I think I would rather eat on paper plates and not need a dishwasher so much than have to deal with laundry outside my condo. So hypocritical with all my recycle talk, but this is my plan....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It Happens Every Once in a While...

the dreaded trunk show where you don't sell very much. I am the most optimistic person, always ready to try something new and break into a new demographic. What I should try to remember is that if you have tried certain groups and not had luck, you need to move on!

One of my old, old friends-connected through Facebook-contacted me and asked if I would participate in her show at her son's school. I said yes right away, happy to add another show to my list. The hours were long 10:30am - 7pm. That is a long day, especially if you are not too successful. So, I only ended up with a couple of sales, it sort of bummed me out, but I have now made so much stuff for my next few shows..very helpful.

While I was sitting at my 2-8 foot tables watching the people walk by, I decided to have a little photo shoot to pass the time. Here are my pics..

Oh my Goodness..Dabney Lee at Home Super Notepads. These amazing thick blocks of paper are $45 and every time I order one for a customer, I get one for myself to build up my samples. The blue and white striped one is new..if someone gave me one as a gift, I would die. A true delight for people passionate about paper...

Queen Bea Studio baskets. These got a lot of attention today. The Queen herself came to my apartment on Sunday to drop some things off for a show this weekend I am doing for her. I showed her my huge collection of ribbon and she said I could have some exclusive ribbon designs for these amazing hand woven baskets from Thailand. Her company employs an entire tribe of women in Thailand who weave for her, so these products are completely green! They are so great..once again, I have not purchased one for myself because I can't decide with all the ribbon choices. If I were forced, I think the navy and white striped ribbon on the medium bag. Maybe I will treat myself to one after the holidays!

My favorite gift..lunch and stuff boxes. They are $34 and come in all the designs you see on the left. Fill one with crayons and stickers and you have a fantastic birthday gift for someone special!

The left side of my table..little girl necklaces, Paper and Ink Designs and a big Queen Bea GG Tote...

The right end of my table..Dabney Lee at Home fabulousness. I downloaded her new catalog and put it in a portfolio book. There are so many new style swatches, I am in LOVE...

Lots of jewels..I am laughing that there are no pink necklaces. In the almost 9 years of making jewelry, it might be the only time my table did not have pink explosion!!!

Some of my new coin pearl collection, now on my website.

and matching bracelets..

Tomorrow is a big day..BFF Meg is having her baby! I can't believe I won't be there..but I am planning on going in several weeks, so I will meet her then. Good luck Meg and Brett!! xo