Saturday, November 20, 2010

Adventure at Sea

So, I am on board Allure of the Seas for 5 days, not knowing exactly what my job will be, sort of scary. The first day, Thursday, we had a luncheon on the ship and then checked in around 250 people who were spending the night on board so they could be in the audience for the Today Show broadcast, live from the ship Friday morning from 10 - 11 am. Once everyone was on, they were kind of on their own, so many people wandering around checking out the ship, eating in various places and having cocktails. The ship is debuting Chicago and did a run through for our overnight guests. It was fabulous.

Early Friday morning-seriously early, we got everyone into place while Hoda and Kathie Lee were doing their teasers around the ship. The live broadcast started and it was so much fun. The audience was very enthusiastic and I have to say, we met the ladies for a picture and they were super nice. They filmed a bunch of things Thursday and ran into almost everyone at one point or another. Love them!

The PR Team and the ladies

Me and best dressed friend Hoby

The rest of the day, we got ready for the first sailing guests. In the midst of it all, we were dying for Oprah to start at 4pm, knowing ahead of time that she had a 7 night Caribbean cruise as one of her Favorite Things.

When she announced the cruise towards the end, the crowd here went wild. Her guests are in for a real treat..this ship is amazing and full of fun things to do.

They are filming the moving Jack and Jill starring Adam Sandler and Katie Holmes on board and there have been multiple sightings of everyone since I arrived. Of course, I was dying to see Katie and Suri and I definitely have. Suri is so cute. Katie's whole group arrived in the Aqua Theater for the Sailaway party and even though surrounded by her body guards, was right in the mix of things. A little much for this People-magazine-loving blogger to handle.

Katie walking to her seat..

Royal Caribbean has a new partnership with Dreamworks so the Sailaway party had
Shrek and Fiona and a bunch of Dreamworks characters dancing on the stage.

Adam Sandler watching the festivities from his balcony...

I am having the best time but am super tired. My blackberry stopped working 15 minutes after the ship pulled out of Ft if anyone needs to get! Will keep you posted.


CDS said...

What a super fun job you have...when youa re not being creative genius! xoxo

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

How fun!! You have the most amazing job!