Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Heading North

I am really only checking in my apartment tonight and driving North tomorrow to see my parents for Thanksgiving. My Mom has transformed herself into a sort of Martha Stewart protege via the internet and her cooking is amazing. Her Thanksgiving dinner is definitely worth the almost 6 hour drive.

In the midst of all my Allure hullabaloo, and during the 6 hour window that my phone actually worked, my Dad called and asked me what are my favorite side dishes were from Mom's kitchen. Uh-oh..I know what that meant...we got an invitation to eat at someones house. Not to be anti-social, but the beauty of having the actual dinner at your house, is you have control of all the leftovers.

For two days, I started panicking and then I came up with a brilliant solution. By the time I got to use my phone again and called home with my idea, our wonder twin powers had already activated and we were thinking alike. She bought a turkey breast for us to cook and keep at home. So, we will hijack some awesome sides from our friend's and then cook our little turkey breast at home. Our house will still smell like Thanksgiving and we will have ample leftovers to make sandwiches all weekend long. The panic is over.

I am planning to stop by Palm Beach for 30 minutes on my way up I-95. My gold Jack Rogers sandals bit the dust this weekend and it is time for a new pair. Calypso, here I come!


CDS said...

Drive safe! Happy Thanksgiving friend!xoxo

Sarah said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your parents! Your former babysitter!