Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It Happens Every Once in a While...

the dreaded trunk show where you don't sell very much. I am the most optimistic person, always ready to try something new and break into a new demographic. What I should try to remember is that if you have tried certain groups and not had luck, you need to move on!

One of my old, old friends-connected through Facebook-contacted me and asked if I would participate in her show at her son's school. I said yes right away, happy to add another show to my list. The hours were long 10:30am - 7pm. That is a long day, especially if you are not too successful. So, I only ended up with a couple of sales, it sort of bummed me out, but I have now made so much stuff for my next few shows..very helpful.

While I was sitting at my 2-8 foot tables watching the people walk by, I decided to have a little photo shoot to pass the time. Here are my pics..

Oh my Goodness..Dabney Lee at Home Super Notepads. These amazing thick blocks of paper are $45 and every time I order one for a customer, I get one for myself to build up my samples. The blue and white striped one is new..if someone gave me one as a gift, I would die. A true delight for people passionate about paper...

Queen Bea Studio baskets. These got a lot of attention today. The Queen herself came to my apartment on Sunday to drop some things off for a show this weekend I am doing for her. I showed her my huge collection of ribbon and she said I could have some exclusive ribbon designs for these amazing hand woven baskets from Thailand. Her company employs an entire tribe of women in Thailand who weave for her, so these products are completely green! They are so great..once again, I have not purchased one for myself because I can't decide with all the ribbon choices. If I were forced, I think the navy and white striped ribbon on the medium bag. Maybe I will treat myself to one after the holidays!

My favorite gift..lunch and stuff boxes. They are $34 and come in all the designs you see on the left. Fill one with crayons and stickers and you have a fantastic birthday gift for someone special!

The left side of my table..little girl necklaces, Paper and Ink Designs and a big Queen Bea GG Tote...

The right end of my table..Dabney Lee at Home fabulousness. I downloaded her new catalog and put it in a portfolio book. There are so many new style swatches, I am in LOVE...

Lots of jewels..I am laughing that there are no pink necklaces. In the almost 9 years of making jewelry, it might be the only time my table did not have pink explosion!!!

Some of my new coin pearl collection, now on my website.

and matching bracelets..

Tomorrow is a big day..BFF Meg is having her baby! I can't believe I won't be there..but I am planning on going in several weeks, so I will meet her then. Good luck Meg and Brett!! xo


KatieLovesPaper said...

Kristin, how do you find out about most of these trunk shows? I would like to do some in my area, but I'm not really sure how to get involved in this. Thanks!
And better luck next time :)

Catherine said...

So sorry it was a bummer of a show for you! So . . . where to next?

kp said...

Next show this weekend at the Coral Gables Historic Preservation trunk show and next Wednesday at my old school, which is always a huge show for me! :)

QueenBeeSwain said...

how frustrating but I am LOVING all of your pearls that are on your website.

I'd just look at it as the law of balances and you've got a trunk show coming up that you're going to sell a buttload at!


Anonymous said...

Your jewelry is wonderful!

I saw your pieces at a trunk show at CKB...was it two summers ago??

Keep up the good work!