Tuesday, November 30, 2010


After reading all the True Prep posts for months, Lisa Birnbach finally made it to Miami tonight! She showed up to Books & Books right on time and as soon as she walked in the room, she started talking to everyone like she knew them..it was so funny and a great way to start the True Prep party.

There were some die hards in the crowd, lots of preppy outfits, some authentic, some forced looking, but all festive in spirit..I sat in the front row right in the center, something I would have NEVER done in school. There was a lady sitting right next to me that came with her very preppy terrier named Tippy. Lisa wove Tippy and the fact that it wouldn't be a preppy event if there wasn't a dog present, in several of her funny stories, unfortunately, Tippy was in serious need of a bath and I am sure I had a horrible look on my face half the time Lisa was talking.

When she started signing the books, I got in the line and waited my turn. She managed to strike up a conversation with everyone in line and they all left with huge smiles on their faces. She certainly knows how to work a crowd. When it was my turn, I handed her my old copy of The Official Preppy Handbook and my new True Prep. She remembered meeting me several years ago and was so nice.

One side note...I noticed there was no beautiful Verdura bracelet watch dangling off her wrist. But..when I left she had a beautiful kp green crystal bracelet mixed with her preppy gold bangles!!! Love her!!


JMW said...

I'm so envious that you met her and she signed your books! And how cool that she was wearing a kp bracelet!

CDS said...

How fun and what perfection that you gave her one of your bracelets. I love mine. xoxo

Stephanie said...

Oh what fun! You are so lucky to have met her twice!