Monday, November 22, 2010

One of KP's Favorite Things

Even with all of the most amazing things that Allure of the Seas offers, the one thing that has grabbed my attention on this cruise is the new Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. Located on the Royal Promenade, I noticed the bright red machine the first day, but wasn't able to investigate until later on. Little did I know, it would be an unbelievable treat that would last for my entire trip

This new machine offers 106 different combinations of Coca-Cola products and different flavors. Each Coca-Cola product has its own set of flavors to add. I started out with Diet Coke with orange. It sounds weird, but was delicious. Next, I tried Lime and then Vanilla. Still to try is Raspberry and Cherry (I still have 18 hours until I disembark). Saturday, I tried Sprite Zero with Orange, etc... The possibilities are super fun and you can try so many flavors, it would be weeks before you run out of options.

All around the ship, everyone is holding the large plastic Coca-Cola cups and chatting about what concoction they are drinking. It is quite a conversation starter. The best news is that it has been so popular and all our Executives are on board, we are now going to get one of these beauties in our office in Miami. Hooray!


QueenBeeSwain said...

excuse me, how much fun is that?! wouldn't it be fun to be the person who was the brainchild behind it all?!



Catherine said...

I'd love a Diet Coke with vanilla!
So sad when they discontinued that flavor; I've had to default to lime.
Wish those machine were around me!

Grove Gals said...

of course you post this on the exact 6th month anniversary since i have given up ALL soda...this would have made me cave in less than a second!!! we need to talk hello kitty bracelets when you return

CanadianPrep said...

I wish we had one of those on campus! Although I think the taste-testing would prove to be too good a way to procrastinate.

living well said...

Cool! These posts are great - I'm going on the Allure of the Seas next year and am getting even more excited about it since reading your posts!!

Bethany said...

Ohhhh that is so cool! One of my favorite things at Epcot in Disney is the little Coca Cola pavillion where you can sample different flavors from around the world. xoxo