Monday, December 6, 2010

Art Basel..Vernissage

Art Basel came to Miami Beach with a vengeance. There were so many events all over the place, it was really unbelievable. I applied for a press pass again this year and was rewarded with one..very exciting. The opening night party was invitation only and is really the see-and-be-seen event for me. I have been a few times in the past but the tickets are super hard to come by. I wasn't really convinced my press pass would get me in so Helen and I set out to find someone to get us a ticket...hmmm who to ask that favor?

Well, the answer is our great friend Ricky. Ricky and his brother Brian are two of the most famous/infamous people on South Beach..out all the time, know everyone and everything and would definitely be able to secure an extra ticket for Vernissage.

Thankfully, Ricky came through and Helen and I set out to fight the crowds and the drizzling rain to get to the party. And then..the art. It becomes very clear that art is definitely subjective and it can really boggle your mind how some things are really considered art. Here are some of my highlights...

My favorite..something that I am pretty sure with the right paint and canvas I could paint my self!!!!

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