Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Carrie Dunham

Every once in a while, I get an email from one of my scouts, Hoby, who has found something "blogworthy" for me to check out. He and his wife are always trying new things, traveling the globe and inventing new products so I never know what he is going to find. His friend from college's twin sisters started a website called Carrie Dunham, which carries a line of laptop bags, totes and a new twist on the classic Bermuda bag.

One bag. Infinite covers. Make it a new bag every time you use it.

A sophisticated twist on an old classic. The Bermuda bag reinvented. Unlike the white muslin that required a cover and the wooden handles that were limiting, this bag is great on its own and can be dressed up day to night, summer to winter to make it fit for any occasion. When you do decide to switch up your bag - no need to fumble with buttons just press the holes into the studs and you have a brand new look. Use the bag day or night, summer or winter. Choose your base and then have fun with covers. Choose Chocolate Brown, Black or Gold leather handles with matching suede bodies.

Pink Crocodile Stamped Leather

Metallic Lambskin

My wool

A more casual striped canvas

and..a functional black suede version.

Carrie Dunham products are sold on their website and in many fine stores. Check it out here..


QueenBeeSwain said...

OMG I am going to DIE if I don't get the kelly-green one (sidenote- this is what I call "country club green" bc all women's locker rooms have wallpaper or chintz couches w that color in 'em). DIE. this is why I love blogs- you find out about all sorts of fabulous things!

CDS said...

KP those are great! I will have to go check them out!