Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gwyneth and Katie

This weekend is going to be chock full of fun. Saturday morning, I am flying to Atlanta to peruse AmericasMart for website goodies. I am looking for jewelry and gifts to add to my assortment. My trip is just for one night..I am staying with my friend Laura and her family. I might start yawning at around 11:29 so I can retreat to my room to watch Gwyneth on SNL. She is hosting with Cee Lo and it should be awesome. I have listened to her song with Tim McGraw "Me and Tennessee" about a thousand times since last weekend. It is my current fav.

And...I guess we have to wait a little longer to see the juicy Kennedys mini-series since The History Channel is refusing to air it. The story online the scenes is that Caroline Kennedy put the kibosh on it. I am sure it will be bought by another channel soon, it looks great in the trailer. You can see Katie Holmes meanwhile in the new Ann Taylor campaign. I have such a soft spot for Ann Taylor, my first credit card. In high school and college, my closet was packed with Ann Taylor clothes. Still a huge fan..

Photos courtesy of Just Jared


Anonymous said...

Katie actually looks wonderful, doesn't she?

Wish we were going to see you in Atlanta, happy hunting!

kp said...

To The Preppy Princess:
She is beautiful!!! I don't know if you read my posts around Thanksgiving, but I literally stalked her on Allure of the Seas and can tell you she is stunning in person. Have loved her since Dawson's Creek.

Hope Atlanta is fun..sorry to miss you too!!

Summer is a Verb said...

Ooo ooo ooo! Thank you for the reminder! I am setting the DVR pronto!!! XXOO

Preppy 101 said...

Have fun in Atlanta!! I love Gwyneth and Katie both! Xoxo

Grove Gals said...

we arrive in atlanta saturday night and are there until tuesday. what time do you leave sunday?

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

OMG - did you see the GP SNL years ago with the coffee house singers skit? The song about the Whales? That was one of the funniest SNL's ever!

That doesn't even look like Katie - she looks amazing.

CDS said...

Have a fantastic and safe trip! Happy hunting...and happy SNL watching. I'm looking forward to it too!

Mrs. Kindergarten said...

I am smitten with your blog!
I shall be a true follower for certain.

Mrs. Kindergarten