Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mash Up of Posts

In the spirit of GLEE, I am doing a mash-up of posts that didn't quite make the blog these last few months... not wanting to close out 2010 completely until I got them up.

A while back, Amy and I went to an amazing party at Bal Harbour. One of the stores hired this photographer who took pictures and then put them up on a huge screen, all the while printing them out for you in a handy little portable printer. They came out so clear and professional for on-the-spot pics. At first, I was like "no way" and then I saw how good them came out, so I relented. Amy is my constant party partner, so she gets me out and about..thank you Amy. xo

The pictures came out great...

Before we left Bal Harbour, I was cracking myself up looking down this hallway. This is the side entrance that was next to Tiffany & Co. When you work in the morning, you have to be there at a specific time to get let in due to security. If you are one minute late, you miss the door and have to wait until the store opens and have your co-workers hate you until at least lunch time. I am laughing because this little hallway is where the bulk of the running/exercise of my life has taken place..screeching my car in the parking lot illegally and racing to make the door and the 60 second window it was open. I am neglecting to mention that I lived at least 50 minutes away from the mall so you can imagine the stress in the morning. Hard to believe that I worked there for 4 years!!!!! The discount was worth it.

I was lucky enough to get invited to the Make A Wish ball this year. Paula Abdul was one of the hosts and I pushed my way through the crowd to get this picture with her. She was so nice and gracious..and so tiny. I look like a giant next to her. Love her!

I just got these cute shoes at Dillards. I love the sparkles and the price tag, around $65! They look more expensive than that, so it was my little secret until I decided to spill the beans here...

These beauties were a gift from my Mom, who has been telling me that Aerosoles are the way to go for work and I wouldn't even look at them forever..then she got me in the store, I tried these on and I have to tell you...they are like pillows surrounding my feet! These are on the Aerosoles website.

Pic of me, my Mom and Dad on Thankgsiving..

Me and all the Sayfie sisters at Soho House over the holidays..

BFF Cynthia had her beautiful baby girl Brooke last night. I went to see her this morning and I am in love already! Congratulation Cynthia and Matt!!! xo

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