Friday, January 7, 2011

Vanity Found

This is the vanity I found after searching for days and days!!! Trying to find a cream sink and/or top to match my bathroom was not so easy. The ones I saw in person were horrible and then I found this online. When I went to see it, there were so many to choose from but this is the largest single sink vanity they had. So excited to get it and the matching mirror. My closing date for my condo might be as soon as next week, so I have so much to do!! I really can't believe this is all happening but can't wait to paint and move and be all finished before my birthday weekend in NYC!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. I am planning on seeing Country Strong for sure. Even if every review was HORRENDOUS, I would probably still go see it just to stare at Gwyneth for a couple of hours. It amazes me how many people really do not like her..just don't understand!


JulesTX said...

That vanity is gorgeous !
Good luck withh the closing on your condo.

Stephanie said...

We are closing on our first house in two weeks. We have sooo much to do so I totally feel your pain! Good luck.

Melissah said...

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