Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maryland Crab Feast on the Roof

The evite for Hoby's birthday party came through the wires two weeks ago promising a fabulous crab dinner on their roof. I was so excited, not only because I have been lucky enough to go to one of their crab dinner before and loved it, but a party on their unbelievable roof downtown is really something to witness. Hoby hails from Baltimore and so the theme was a Maryland feast. Little did I know there would be more than just the crabs flown in...

A few hours before the party, he sent me this pic of the setup..how fun!

When I arrived, a bunch of friends were already there. The weather was fantastic and a perfectly clear night to see all of Miami's splendour from high above.

Me and Hoby

An amazing raw bar

Lots of friends

When dinner was served, we all sat down as they put the crabs out on the table. Also served were sliced tomatoes, fried chicken and french fries. It was so great.

The overhead view..I was laughing when I saw this because I got up to get a drink refill and ended up gossiping with girls-look on the right half way up.

The bar..with a sweet lady making Southsides. This lime and minty drink was served in mason jars and it was delicious. I did my research about the history of this cocktail which is famously served in two of Baltimore's more exclusive clubs. One story is that it originated on the Southside of Chicago during the Depression. The citrus was used to mask the inferiority of the gin it was made with. The more logical story is that it came from a bar book from a Long Island private club and was perfected by the bartender at the Green Springs Valley Hunt Club, George Lee. He has kept one ingredient secret but has been making them for years and now sells the mix to clients all over the Baltimore area. The mix of limeade, ice, soda water, mint and either gin, vodka or rum tastes too good, it is a little dangerous because you don't really taste the alcohol!!!

The amazing hosts

The famous Berger Cookies..which were BEYOND and served with vanilla ice cream

And the party ended with a farewell toast to the guests from the birthday boy, with shots of his private stock of Almoncello. I can't wait for tne next party!
Happy Birthday Hoby! xo


CDS said...

That drink sounds out of control amazing! What a fun party!! XO

Anonymous said...

That is exactly how we do it in MD! Let me know if you ever want me to ship you any Bergers cookies!!! :)