Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Afterparty...

Vanity Fair posted a bunch of pics from the after party. They are so fun people changed into new dresses. I still don't know Anne Hathaway changed so many times and had her hair up and down and all around. Her Lanvin tux was amazing.

Madonna and Lourdes

Kate Beckinsale looking gorgeous

Matthew and Camila...they are quite a pair

This dress looks awesome on Gwyneth..both of hers last night were spectacular.

This puts it all in perspective..can you imagine????

Reese and Elizabeth Banks
Busy Phillips and Michelle Williams...BFFs from Dawsons Creek

Emma, Taylor and GP

Love this of Sandra Bullock with her Blind Side co-star.

I think this is the best I have ever seen Serena Williams

Everyone has been horribly mean about Anne Hathaway and James Franco...she tried really hard but they say it is the hardest job around. I say beg Billy Crystal to come back next year!

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Carole said...

My question is "WHERE do the stars change into their party frocks??" I can't imagine that they take a limo home to change and then head to the party.

I thought that Anne H did a fantastic job (gosh, what a voice she has!). Jame seemed to be phoning it in, but I attributed it to nerves since he was up for an award.