Thursday, March 10, 2011


When this email came through, it just took one look at Enrique's stare to convince me to attend this party. Ocean Drive parties are always fun but crazy and huge..this one was a little scaled back and at the new JW Mariott Marquis on Brickell. There were so many fun people there. We mingled around but everyone was really just waiting for Enrique to show up.

Amy and Steph

Me and Lori
The scene

Jamie and Asha

Enrique finally showed up and was surrounded by so many people. Amy and Steph were neighbors with him growing up and he was so excited to see them and quickly asked "how's your Mom?" So cute!

Unbelievably, after he walked into the party, his people let him get swarmed by the crowd! He patiently posed with a ton of people for pictures and then was whisked off to the VIP area.

I got a pic of Amy and the guest of honor..he really was super nice

Amy hanging with him and his friend.

I snapped a pic of Cristy Rice taking a picture of someone else...she was all over the party AND was chit chatty with Leah! I personally loving the Miami Real Housewives..I think it is hilarious.

I need to get out more and stop watching television and making jewelry every night.


Dana said...

I have no idea who Enrique is; however, the party look like it was fun! Those Miami Housewives are SCARY!! Do they bite?

CDS said...

It loks like you had such a fun time! I totally missed RHWofMIA this week...ugh.